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Warren A. Miller, the pioneering snow-sports filmmaker just passed away peacefully at 93. A self-taught filmmaker he produced more than 500 adventure-sport films. His influence of skiing cannot be overstated and his mantra for living life should be considered by all: “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” He also stated that the first time you put on skis was the first time you truly felt freedom. Rest in Peace Warren, your work will live on for generations as you remarkably captured all of our ski history…. Read more

The Games of Winter is a curated exhibition of art, memorabilia, and promotional items from the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley.

In 1960, the world flocked to Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, California, to see world-class athletes competing in the snow and on the ice. Fifty-eight years later, we celebrate that time with a show that coincides with the 2018 Winter Games.

Fausel House 772 Pacific St Placerville, CA 95667… Read more

We received some great pictures from Scott Garibaldi in the 80’s. Now I wasn’t even born then so to me it seems like ski history. At the museum we want to chronicle everything so future generations, that will think the 2010’s are historical, can look back and see where we were. If you have anything you want to donate to help tell the story we would love to have it ~ reach out anytime to museum co-founder Stan Batiste at to donate. Was the 80’s really that long ago..? Thanks Scott, hope your knees are still rolling!… Read more

Every time we drive into Squaw Valley my father religiously turns the radio down for just a second so we can look at the valley and says thanks Wayne! Similar thing with a different message when we enter Tahoe City.  Many know, some don’t, that Wayne Poulsen worked hard on preserving the natural beauty of Squaw Valley.  When the 1960 Olympics were coming there were plans to pave the valley to meet the needs of the spectators.  Wayne fought hard and, although the story is much more involved, he saved the Valley floor as he accepted the placement of a mixture of snow and sawdust ~ which worked great! Although he is known as the co-founder of Squaw Valley, its original skiing inhabitant (with wife Sandy), ski jumper extraordinaire, Pilot, and family man, perhaps his greatest legacy is as an environmentalist. So, occasionally, turn the radio down for just a sec and thank Wayne!… Read more

Craig Beck (one of the first Tahoe extreme athletes) has just brought his incredible longboard display to the sierra ski collection at the Gatekeepers Museum.  Once you see them you will know who the real first extreme skiers were.  The skis were upwards of 16 feet long and had wooden and rope bindings that were strapped on and away you go!  The prizes were huge at the time with purses up to $1000.00.  The great thing was that women were included and many times were the fastest skiers reaching up to 70mph, ~ and of course, took home the prize money!  Fun display spanning a large part of the museum ~ Thanks again Craig for all you have done over the years for the community!… Read more

The new Sierra History and 1960 Olympics displays are finally open!  With the help of the great Truckee Movers, the Batiste and Antonucci families and JJ Whitney we managed to move all the displays, which includes hundreds of ski artifacts, into the upper floor of the Gatekeepers museum in Tahoe City.  Come see your ski history from thousands of years ago through the miners in Plumas to the early regional history and Olympics up to the present time.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, their president Jim Phelan, Executive Director Marnie Carr and Pete Billeter directing the process.   We are now finally finished! ~  right before the snow falls in another upcoming winter Olympic year! Thanks!… Read more

As of Aug 12th the exhibits of the Museum of Sierra Ski History will be hosted by the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society within the fabulous Gatekeepers Museum.  We want to thank the members of the Historical Society for making this happen.  This will be the home of the collection for the next few years while we continue to work on our permanent space.   Our collection of over 1000 regional ski artifacts will complement the large existing museum collection of Lake Tahoe artifacts and the Steinbach Indian basket Collection.  Great News ~Thanks so much!… Read more

57 years after the Olympics the inflatable cushion remains in perfect condition! The most impressive thing is that the cushion inflates and appears as though it were made yesterday.  Good to know that people watched the Olympics in comfort.  The story behind it is also fun with Mr. Reynolds moving to Sparks in 1959 with his mother.  She worked as a hostess in the Sparks Nugget coffee shop where she received several Olympic pins and this pillow as tips.   The pillow has been stored carefully ever since.  Thank you so much Bob and Nancy for the donation and the great story!… Read more

Well we tried our hardest to remain open everyday, all year long.  Turns out the last big storm dropped a little too much rain and snow causing some minor issues to the museum.  Because of this, we have decided to close for a few weeks and work on renovating the museum, both improving the layout and adding to the displays.  Stay tuned and within a week or so I will describe the newest additions including bringing in the great artifact donations that we recently received.  Enjoy the Snow and see you soon!… Read more