57 years later ~ we still have to thank Wayne!

Every time we drive into Squaw Valley my father religiously turns the radio down for just a second so we can look at the valley and says thanks Wayne! Similar thing with a different message when we enter Tahoe City.  Many know, some don’t, that Wayne Poulsen worked hard on preserving the natural beauty of Squaw Valley.  When the 1960 Olympics were coming there were plans to pave the valley to meet the needs of the spectators.  Wayne fought hard and, although the story is much more involved, he saved the Valley floor as he accepted the placement of a mixture of snow and sawdust ~ which worked great! Although he is known as the co-founder of Squaw Valley, its original skiing inhabitant (with wife Sandy), ski jumper extraordinaire, Pilot, and family man, perhaps his greatest legacy is as an environmentalist. So, occasionally, turn the radio down for just a sec and thank Wayne!