Welcome to the Museum of Sierra Ski History

Collections now located in the Gatekeepers Museum in Tahoe City, CA

1000’s of Artifacts and Pictures Telling the Story of our Wonderful Ski History from Ancient Times to the Present

Winter Museum Hours:


Wednesday – Saturday

11am – 4pm

Keeping it Fun While Working Night and Day to Preserve Your Sierra Ski History!

Video History

  • Sierra Ski History

    Part 1
  • Sierra Ski History

    Part 2 – Tale of Two Valleys
  • Harra's Pre - 1960 Winter Olympic Movie

    Sierra Ski Museum LLC
  • 1960 Winter Olympics

    Sierra Ski History Museum
  • Sierra Ski Speech (Thoughts)

    Billy Kidd Museum – 2014
  • Flame In the Snow

    An Official Film of the VIII Olympic Winter Games (1960)
  • U.S. Forest Service Film Preview
  • Julia Mancuso on Maui | Outlook

    Outside TV
  • Daron Rahlves Tribute Video


Our Latest Project -The Tahoe City Firehouse Properties Lease

Project Mission: Our project will create a dynamic Museum, Art and Community Center to serve our region while increasing tourism to our wonderful Tahoe City. The emphasis will be on low risk, long term financial viability, community enhancement and involvement, supporting and promoting Tahoe City and local businesses without creating competition all while discovering, preserving and displaying our rich Sierra ski history.