Tahoe Legend Interview ~ Greg Jones

Greg Jones has been a lifetime local of North Tahoe learning to ski as a small child from his legendary father Bud Jones.  Greg has spent his entire life in the ski industry, first as an Olympic medal winner and for nearly 40 years as a coach.  He has coached many of the greats from Tahoe including Daron Rahlves, Julia Mancuso, Marco Sullivan and Travis Ganong among hundreds of others. You can really get a feeling for Greg’s love of skiing and true passion for coaching in his latest interview with Lake Tahoe TV (follow the link “event videos” on our home page).   Greg, pictured above on the left, is the “coaches coach”, having trained three generations of ski coaches. We want to thank Greg for everything he has done for this region and for his continued work with the Lake Tahoe Ski Club to keep the future of Tahoe skiing strong.  A great Museum partner ~ Thanks Greg!

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