Norm Sayler ~ Icon of Donner Summit partners with the Museum!

Norm Sayler, the icon of the summit, president and manager of Donner Ski Ranch for 46 years, owner and operator of the History Museum in Soda Springs and the man singled out for his “forward-thinking” contributions to Donner Summit and the entire Tahoe region will be joining us.  Doing things his way he can be credited for many important things such as being instrumental in making Donner the first ski resort in America to open its slopes to snow boarders in the 1980s, which led to a resurrection of the snow sport industry.  As Norm stated: “My philosophy is simple. I don’t show people how to have fun, I let people have fun. That’s what skiing is all about.”  ~~ Norm was instrumental in saving both the Rainbow Bridge which looks over Donner Lake, as well as ensuring that large parts of highway 40 were preserved. Norm has a great ski history collection at his museum which is available for all to view in downtown Soda Springs, CA.   We are so happy that  Norm will be working with us to preserve the skiing history of the west.

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