New Walt Disney Article and Display!

One of the most important influences on the 1960 Winter Olympics came from the chairman of the Pageantry Committee, Walt Disney!  Few people today know how important Walt Disney was to the region first as one of the early investors in Sugar Bowl (for fun look under our “press page” for the Goofy cartoon showing “Sugar Bowl Lodge”) and then as the architect of the 1960 Winter Olympic theme with the splendid opening and closing ceremonies (the first of their kind for the modern era).  You can read about it in detail in a great new article about Walt which you can find on link to in our “press” page on this website. I think you will find it a fascinating read both from an Olympic perspective and also a personal one about Disney.  At the Museum we have a display which includes one of the few known flagpole plaques mentioned as part of the story.  Walt Disney was a fascinating man with many talents, the greatest of which was making people happy!

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