Craig Beck creates another great display~Honoring the 10th Mountain Division!

Extreme athlete, pioneering ski and sport filmmaker and Lake Tahoe legend Craig Beck brings another wonderful display to the museum – the 10th Mountain Division.  If you scroll down multiple posts to March of 2014 you will see Craig’s first display featuring longboards first used by the miners and kept alive by Craig with his organization the National Longboard Association.  With longboards over 16 feet it is the most striking of the Museum displays.  Craig wasn’t satisfied with just longboards and so he created a display to pay respects to our military and specifically the 10th Mountain division.  As one of the most decorated army units in World War II and still active today around the world, the story of the 10th is too great to tell in this simple post.  The names of those great fighting, skier servicemen from our region include Wendall Broomhall, ski jumper Roy Mikkelsen and the great ski instructor Luggi Foeger.  Craig’s display contains numerous posters, original back packs, boots, snowshoes and skis – a must see. Thanks again to Craig and the entire Beck family for all they have given to our region!

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